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The Radiance synthetic image system can be used for quite a broad spectrum, including non-standard applications. In their simplest form, these are solved by the standard Radiance programs, combined in a non-standard way. If that doesn't fix the problem, the core elements of Radiance code are combined in a new special program.
Adaptation of programs is aided by substantial experience in writing ANSI-C programs and in-depth knowledge of Radiance code.
Please feel free to contact us for your special request.

Some examples are given below:

Modelling range scanners

Range scanners (e.g. made by Sick AG) are effectively 3D cameras, giving the distance to objects as the "image".
Radiance is used to simulate the output of range scanners: To illustrate their view of the world, and to generate synthetic data to test robotic vision systems.
Note the decreased spatial resolution of walls parallel to view, the shadow cast by the cylinder and the fuzzy data of the tree on the left.
Interested observers may also spot the default rpict parameter (-pj 0.76), which jitters the ray direction per pixel, and thus adds irregularity to the sample pattern (visible in rightmost image).

test scene view of sensor range information from sensor
actual geometry sensor resolution actual geometry reconstructed depth image|

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